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lace up and see the mountains in a different light

Join our certified instructors for a great time! 
The snowshoe outings that we offer have been developed and tested by our state-certified guides. They all take place in the heart of Belleville Valley, a preserved and protected site in the secluded corners of the mountains. Each day is completely different: a panoramic walk, a walk in the forest and along the water, animal observation and their tracks, bask in the sun or even glacier exploration...

Included in the lesson: 
  • Supervision by a snowshoe guide 
  • Sturdy and light snowshoes, as well as poles, are provided by ESF 
  • Possible pick-up in a minibus
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Used for thousands of years in Lapland and by primitive people in Siberia, snowshoeing became a commercial success in the 50s thanks to winter sports. Increasing popularity has led people all around the world to enjoy the mountains and discover its virtues. Val Thorens gives you the ability to explore the mountains, enjoy the crisp air, walk through the fresh snow and discover wide-open spaces thanks to ESF. 

What's new this year? During hikes, you will be able to give Biathlon a try! A sport like no other that allows you to better manage stress and stay concentrated.

Our goal is that you explore the beautiful gems of Belleville on snowshoes and that you feel, question, enjoy, relax, get away and have fun!

Sunday afternoon: The mountain pasture of Montaulever
Easy level
An introduction to snowshoeing to start the week off on a good note and to get used to the high altitudes with ease, we will make it to the Montaulever Plateau and mountain pasture.  

Then, we will continue at your pace up to Echauds Lake. We recommend this hike for those we want to discover Belleville Valley. 

Monday morning: The two lakes + Intro to Biathlon
Easy level
Facing Val Thorens, this hike offers an amazing view of the resort and allows you to see the surrounding glaciers. Little by little, we will head towards the natural lake of Thorens where you will learn about its history and the aquatic life that lurks below! 

A morning full of endurance and a sense of precision and concentration that shooting a laser rifle would require! 

Monday afternoon: La Cime Caron (Caron summit)
Easy level
We will head up to the highest summit of Val Thorens: la Cime Caron located at 3200 m above sea level with a view of la Vanoise and a large part of the Alpes! 

After enjoying this remarkable view, we will start our easy hike which is ideal for seeing Val Thorens from up above. 

A lift pass is required for this hike

Tuesday morning: Le Vallon du Borgne (The small valley)
Intermediate level 
We will plunge skis first into this valley nestled high above Val Thorens. Its beauty will draw you in and leave you questioning everything!

A lift pass is required for this hike

Tuesday afternoon:  Les Granges (The barns)
Easy level
A tour along the water that will allow you to see the traditional villages that are spread along the valley of Belleville. Come and immerse yourself in the local history!

Wednesday morning: Foot of Tête Ronde + Intro to Biathlon
Intermediate level

Above Val Thorens lies a magnificent mountain spur called Tête Ronde. A progressive climb all the way up to the foot of the spur will leave you gobsmacked. Glacial lakes, moraines and minerals! 
Once arrived, we will combine endurance and precision as we participate in Biathlon! 

Wednesday afternoon: Lou Lake
Intermediate level
This lake is a Belleville Valley must-see. It's the largest natural glacial lake of the 3 Vallées and is also known for the small valley that contains landscapes reminiscent of Lapland (Finland).

At the heart of this valley lies a small island where northern life lives!

Wednesday night: The nights of Val Thorens
Night hike with traditional Savoyard meal
Intermediate level
Follow us step by step at night at Val Thorens! 

An unforgettable hike led by lamplight. The cherry on top? A traditional meal in a warm and cosy chalet up in the mountains!

Thursday morning: Montaulever Lake
Intermediate level
We will go up little by little until we arrive at the once ice-covered natural lake of Montaulever. 

This sunny versant is the perfect place to live during the winter months and it isn't rare to see a bunny rabbit or two scurrying around and frolicking through the snow. 
Thursday afternoon: Goffay Forest
Intermediate level
Imagine yourself trekking through a forest like no other, a forest covered in spruce trees that you can't find anywhere else than in Savoie! 

We will continue our ascent until we reach the combat zone where the black grouse nests.  

As we descend, clearings in the forest will remind us of the wonder and magic of the snow. Keep your eyes peeled, you might just see a traditional village of Belleville! 
Friday morning:  Biathlon Party
Intermediate level
Let's end the week on a high note. After a little hike to get us warmed up, we will devote ourselves to a Biathlon tournament. 

This is the perfect time to experience thrills that only champions know and learn more about yourself.

Perfect for concentration! 
Friday afternoon: Descent from Péclet Glacier toward resort
Intermediate level
Located 3000m above sea level, at the foot of the crevasses and seracs, we guarantee thrills and excitement as we inch closer and closer to the glacier. 

This time is also for you to better understand the landscape, carved out by the glaciers! 

A lift pass is required for this hike