Professional Daycare to suit every child!

Enjoy your time skiing while we take care of
your little ones! 

At the ESF Mini Club daycare, we welcome your child for mornings, afternoons or full days, with or without lunch. In a specially designed area for small children and toddlers we offer a wide variety of fun activities depending on their age. 

We offer nursery facilities for children 3 to 17 months, a kindergarten/creche facilities for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years and Club Piou Piou from 3 years old where they first can start to ski. We also provide a Kids Club from 3 to 6 years old (whithout skiing) at Roc de Peclet kindergarden.

We have a team of qualified, experienced and motivated staff in child care and who can speak several languages - all very attentive to the needs of every child.

Our service is tailored to individual requirements and needs of each child, including their food preferences, rest times and any medical conditions.

You can ski and enjoy your morning, afternoon or full day, assured that your child is being well cared for and in good hands.

  • Montana, rue du Soleil, in the lower part of the resort: 500 m2 inside, 5000m2 outside and a restaurant. 

Opening dates :
The Montana Kindergarden will open on 03 December 2017
The Montana nursery will open on 17th December 2017

             Children accepted :
from 3 to 17 months:  Nursery
from 18 to 35 months:  Creche,
3 years old:  Piou Piou

  • Roc de Peclet, rue Slalom at the top of the resort: 300 m2 inside, 2000m2 outside and a restaurant. 
  Roc de Peclet will open :
           From 24th December to 05th January 2018
           From 11th February to 09th March 2018
  From 08th to 27th April 2018
Children accepted:
3 years old:  Piou Piou 
From 3 to 6 years old:  Kids Club

Parents can visit the montana Miniclub every Saturday  and also have explanations about the course of the week from 5 to 6pm.