Fun games and adventure with Club Piou Piou where your child will start to learn to ski!

skiing fun from 3 years old

From 3 years old everything is organised to make skiing fun for your child, as they learn through playing games.
In Club Piou Piou children discover the joys of skiing for the first time through games and activities in the snow garden. Equipped with a magic carpet to take them up the small slopes, they can then descend the easily marked out slopes & pathways, which are designed to help them learn.  Fun adventures with Piou Piou (the chick) and Sifflotte (the marmotte) help make it a magical experience for your child as they join in the adventures of the Piou Piou garden and without realising it they are taking those first slides, turns and stops.

Two enclosed snow gardens provide a pleasant and safe learning environment: 
Roc de Peclet at the top of the resort:  300 m2 inside, 2000m2 outside and a restaurant. 
Montana in the lower part of the resort:  500 m2 inside, 5000m2 outside and a restaurant

  • Montana, rue du Soleil, will open on 17th December 2017
  • Roc de Peclet, rue du Slalom will open :
From 24th December to 05th January 2018
From 11th February to 09th March 2018
From 08th to 27th April 2018

PIOU PIOU COURSE, WITHOUT CRECHE:   we offer an introduction to skiing for children 3 years old, during one hour in the morning in the Roc de Peclet kindergarden.

PLEASE NOTE:  So the children can get used to the snow, the activity on Sunday is not skiing but playing.
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times - without lunch

Morning08:30 to 12:00 
Afternoon2:00 to 17:00
Full day08:30 to 12:00 - 2:00 to 17:00

times -  with lunch

Morning + lunch08:30 to 1:45 
Lunch + Afternoon12:00 to 17:00
Full day + lunch08:30 to 17:00

price list for lunch and insurance

Aditional options
5 or 6 Lunch105.00 €
Insurance Carré Neige 6 days, valid outside of lesson16.80 €
Insurance Carré Neige 5 days, valid outside of lesson14.00 €
Insurance Carré Neige 6 days TRIBU from 3 persons children or adults15.00€/person


5 or 6 x Mornings189.00 €
5 or 6 x Afternoons189.00 €
5 or 6 x Full days309.00 €

new! high season offer

1 hour of Piou Piou ski lesson, from Monday to Friday, without creche
5 x 1 hour56.00 €