See the magnificient scenery...

Explore the mountain a different way with Snowshoes!

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Snowshoes were probably first used by Mongolians but it was the Native American and Canadian tribes that perfected them.

Modern Snowshoes with their compact and lightweight frames allow you to have a natural stride in all snow conditions. This is why Snowshoeing is as easy as walking and provides fun for all ages and fitness level.
"If you can walk, you can Snowshoe" is a popular but true saying.
Get away from the busy ski resort and spice up your winter holiday with a Snowshoe walk.  Experience the quietness and serenity of the spectacular mountains in Val Thorens with theESF Snowshoe tours which are guided by certified instructors who will take you safely around the mountains.

For those people who love both nature and gastronomy try the Excursion & Dinner package:  Snowshoe at night with a typical dinner in a mountain restaurant - FABULOUS!