Our Advice..

For the smooth operation of lessons and for a successful stay, ESF ask you to please observe the following rules:

The success of a lesson depends on the instructor but also on you ...

  • Arrive early to your meeting point and that you have your lesson card. You must be in possession of your card for all lessons including private lessons. 
  • If you choose a package with lifts, your magnetic lift pass must be placed in the left pocket of your jacket which facilitates the passage of entry to the lifts.
  • Participation in a lesson does not exclude a certain autonomy of the student and they must listen closely to the advice and instruction of the instructor.
  • The student must personally ensure their own safety

Remember to properly equip your child

  • The equipment is not included in our services. 
  • Children must come equipped to lessons (skis and boots) and properly dressed (clothing for the outdoor temperature, gloves, goggles etc.). 
  • No poles until over the first star level. 
  • The helmet is not mandatory but strongly recommended, whatever the level of the child.

Important information

  • Programs and schedules may change during the season by the management of the ESF. 
  • Weather conditions and breakdowns of lifts can be not be attributed to the instructors or any ESF staff. 
  • The effective time of the lessons may be reduced for reasons beyond our control. 


  • Students are not insured by the ESF. 
  • To avoid potential financial problems of an accident, we recommend you take the Carré Neige Insurance: Adult Carré Neige (€ 16.80 / 6 days) and Child (€ 14.40 / 6days)
  • For more information see our section Carré Neige or site