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Do I need to take winter sports insurance?

ESF does not insure its students, we highly recommend you take insurance and opt for  "Carré Neige" which is specific insurance to cover you in case of accident or illness. You can find out more information on the insurance via our page Insurance Carré Neige or via website  www.carreneige.com

You can buy the Carré Neige insurance at the same time as your lessons via our website.

What happens if I need to cancel my stay?

Just contact us 1 day ( 24 hrs) before the start of your class and we will refund you in full.

What payment methods are accepted by ESF in Val Thorens ?

Our online reservation excepts all major credit / debit cards except Diners Club. For payment via bank transfer or cheque, please contact us to receive a booking form.

I cannot access the payments page after booking my courses?

We advise you to lower the security level of your browser and to deactivate your firewall during the booking process.

How and where do children's meals happen? What if they have a special diet?

The children take their meals in the restaurants of our Mini Clubs, and are supervised by instructors and carers. The meals are prepared by our cooks, who can therefore take into account the diets of each one. Meals are followed by a rest or play time, depending on the age and needs of the children. A nap is possible, we have beds provided for this purpose.

My child will turn 3 shortly after our stay in Val thorens, do i need to enroll them in childcare or can they be enrolled into Club Piou Piou?

You must enrol in child care. However, depending on the period, you can ask the instructors of the Mini-club if it is possible to give a try in Piou Piou. If this test goes well, your child can stay in this group.

Is the equipment included in the lessons?

The ESF does not provide ski equipment.
On the other hand, we lend you snowshoes (and sticks) for the adults as for children in Piou Piou.
For off-piste courses, we also lend the safety equipment: DVA, bag, shovel and probe.

I do not understand the messages when trying to book?

The courses are complete: it means that you have exceeded the deadline to make your reservation (online sales stop at D-3, you will have to book your courses directly at the ESF upon your arrival) or you have chosen the wrong category in relation to the student's date of birth.

The age of the student does not correspond to the chosen course: We calculate the number of months between the date of birth and the date of the course to check if the courses correspond to the age of your child. For Piou Piou, the child must be between 36 and 47 months old and for Ourson the child must be at least 4 years old.

No courses sold match the age of the student:
try to enter Saturday at the beginning of your stay to check that there are no other possibilities. There are no courses available for this start date but there may be other possibilities for other days of the week: try to enter the Saturday as the date of the beginning of the stay to check that it does not exist and there are no other possibilities.

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