learn & have fun 5 years and above

kids & teens' lessons

The best age to learn and make progress! Find out more about our group lesson offer, adapted to different levels, for skiing or snowboarding.

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Lessons for kids & teens of 5 to 13 years
Your child will be supervised by an esf ski instructor in a group of kids or teens of their level. Everything will come together so that they can enjoy an excellent stay here and progress at their own pace.

To top it off, instructors will host the long awaited medal ceremony on Friday!
5-12years old

Group skiing lessons

Ourson, Flocon, Étoiles
5-12years old

Group skiing lessons | Super 6

6 kids max per group
13-15years old

Team Étoiles course

From Bronze to Gold star
13-15years old

Titre 2

8-17years old

Team Rider

All-terrain skiing & freestyle
8-12years old

Junior competition 

 8 years and above & Étoile d'or attained
13-17years old


Gold star required
7-12years old

Snowboard course

Kids and teens' lessons 7 years and above
a bespoke learning experience 
Your child will benefit from a personalised learning experience, one-to-one in a private ski lesson with a ski intructor who can adapt to their needs.
5-12years old

Private skiing lessons

Bespoke session for kids and teens
5-12years old

Private snowboarding lessons

Bespoke session for kids and teens

child & teen lessons
(5 to 17 years old)

We have a snowboard course or a ski lesson adapted for every child! 

Our esf Val Thorens ski instructors will help them to progress, from their very first skiing experiences to top challenges.

The medal ceremony brings the week to an end in a wonderfully festive and friendly atmosphere: a wonderful occasion to make even more super memories with their ski instructors.

It's the beginning of a big adventure with esf . . .
kids & teen