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Guillaume Pinier
Alpine skiing
Spoken languages
French - English - Italian - Spanish - Portuguese

Guillaume's passion for this alpine sport began at the age of six. He has now been teaching others to ski for nearly 40 years. What drew him to this path was first and foremost his love for speed and nature, but also the desire to pass on his knowledge.


When he works with beginners, Guillaume always hopes to get those who think they can't ski to do it successfully. Attentive to his students' needs and difficulties, Guillaume will give you the help you need to make sure that skiing gives you great memories.

Guillaume is an experienced ski instructor for whom the 3 Vallées skiing area holds no secrets. His many trips abroad have also allowed him to discover a wide variety of skiing areas, from Switzerland to Chile's Villarica volcano. Today, his curiosity enables him to speak four languages besides French, and to accompany students of different nationalities.

When would you like to ski with me?